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Your registration with SQLNM is FREE. You can become a member by simply completing the membership form below. Once your request is approved, you will receive a membership number which will allow you, if you wish, to register for our Scientific Meeting.

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Your membership application will be submitted to the SQLNM executive committee at the next Annual Scientific Meeting (February). Until then, you will still receive your member number and you will be able to register for the conference, but your status will be “member in approval”.

For more information, or if you are experiencing difficulties, you can contact us by email:

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Regular member

Unless otherwise provided in the constitutive act, any person residing in Quebec and interested in promoting the objectives of the corporation may become a regular member by sending a request to the corporation;

Student member

Including graduate students and postdoctoral researchers;

Associate member

Any person who does not meet the conditions necessary to be a regular member but who demonstrates an intention to promote the objectives of the corporation may become an associate member. Associate membership does not confer the right to be an administrator or to vote at meetings of members. However, the associate member may attend these meetings and has the right to be heard in the deliberative meetings of the corporation when they take place.

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